U/E: Caterers kick against GHc180 rice for school feeding

Published on : Sept. 12, 2017

Caterers in the Upper East Region say they will resist any attempt by the Ministry of Gender Children and Social Protection to impose on them rice that cost GHc180 per bag for the school feeding programme.

At an orientation workshop for caterers in Upper East Region held in Bolgatanga, a nutritionist with the Ghana School Feeding Programme, Lauisa Adda, hinted that the ministry intends to provide caterers who may be financially constrained rice from the market to cook for beneficiary pupils in the basic schools.

But the caterers say not only is the GHC180 cost per bag of rice too expensive, but the quality of the rice cannot be guaranteed.

Thus they want to be allowed to procure their own foodstuff without interference.

“…They say we should buy from our local farmers, now they are saying that they are going to bring us rice from somewhere. The local rice in the market is GHC7.00 per bowl, and 16 bowls makes a bag which is cheaper than the rice they are bringing for us at GHC180,” one caterer said.

Another caterer added that “we can buy from our own local farmers in our various districts and also the cost they are giving to us GHC180.00 is more expensive than the cost in the market ranging from GHC110 to 130, so they should allow us to buy from the farmers so that they can also gain from the government.”

Luisa Adda assured that the grievances of the caterers will be presented to the sector minister, Otiko Afisa Djaba for consideration.

She also said monitoring mechanisms are being put in place to ensure that beneficiary pupils are fed with quality meals.